Flooring Your Office

Choosing the Right Flooring For Your Office

When it comes to setting up offices, there are always many issues to consider, such as the location, the arrangement of desks and the general decor. This last aspect is one - but only one - of the issues that may contribute to the choice of flooring.

Given the options of cork, carpet and vinyl, the right answer may depend on various issues. For example, a carpet may be the best floor when the priority is having color and pattern incorporated into the surface, as this could match corporate colors and even have a logo if it is a custom-made carpet. Such a floor may also add a hint of comfort, although it will need to be hard-wearing and last many years for both visual and cost reasons.

Of course, how much a carpet - or any other floor - has to deal with wear and tear may also be a consideration over whether carpet, vinyl or cork is used. Some offices may have limited foot movement, with most people sitting down most of the time. Others may have to endure frequent foot traffic. Of equal concern may be the possible impact of the frequent movement of heavy items such as office furniture.

Vinyl may fit the bill as a tough floor capable of dealing with plenty of wear and tear. Available at low cost, it is easy to clean, can be cushioned to ease the impact on feet if people are walking around a lot and may be found in different designs. Some vinyls are particularly tough and would be ideal for commercial premises.

Softness on the feet may be one reason for having cork. This material is less well-suited to heavy wear and tear due to that same softness, of course, but it is a resilient surface in a number of ways and has good soundproof qualities, which may be useful if noise in the building is an issue.

Perhaps the biggest appeal of cork is ecological. The material is made of bark instead of timber, so rather than killing a tree by felling it, the wood is obtained by stripping the bark, which is no more harmful to the tree than shearing is to a sheep. And like a sheep's wool, cork bark will grow back, ensuring that a few years down the line there is a new harvest. As a green choice, cork may lead the way.

UK Flooring Direct has over 25 years experience in the flooring industry and can help you make the right choice of flooring for your office. Whether it's carpet for the soft touch or the more durable vinyl flooring or Eco-friendly cork flooring, you can be sure to find the best flooring options at UK Flooring Direct.

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