The Latest Trends in Kitchen Design


The kitchen is the heart of your home, and usually the first room people comment on or notice.  In modern home layouts, the kitchen is shown proudly.  Having a kitchen you can be proud of is important, and if you are keeping up on design or planning a remodel, these latest trends in kitchen design will get your creative juices flowing!


White kitchens are the absolute for most home design followers.  All white appliances, white cabinets, and white tile backsplashes can create a clean and modern look that kitchen designers can't seem to get enough of.  Gray is a close second, and gray cabinets are following the white trend closely as the next up and coming design choice.


Black and white kitchens are a classic but still relevant option, and many are choosing white cabinets with black fixtures and black countertops.


Designer tile flooring is also a trend that is prominent in kitchen design.  White porcelain Italian tiles and wood grain tiles are increasingly popular to use in the kitchen because of their durability and attractive appearance.


Creative storage space is key to the modern kitchen, and many are installing hydraulic cabinets, extra drawers, drawers with deep pockets, or even deep drawer organizers.  Utility and accessibility are the keys here, and the industry is leaning toward function over fashion.


Erring on the side of accessibility, one of the latest trends is the microwave drawer, which is exactly what it sounds like- a built in drawer microwave.  It typically sits below counter level and pulls out so that you can place your food inside.  Then, you just use as a regular microwave.


Trends are ever-changing, but according to top designers, most of these are here to stay.  Knowing the latest trends in kitchen design will help you stay updated and cutting edge in the heart of your home. When you're ready to move and need help make sure to contact Brothers EZ Moving for your local office movers.


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