Wood Grain Tile is the Latest Popular Choice for Flooring


For decades, homeowners and designers have strived to come up with a non-wood solution that gives the appearance of wood flooring.  Most of these attempts have been associated with words like “cheap” or “tacky”.  Now, however, we have wood grain tile, and it is changing the industry and increasing in demand.


Wood grain tile has actual grooves, texture, and imprinted knots to mimic real wood flooring.  It comes in multiple finishes and designs to give the appropriate look for any household or business.  Most reviewers find it nearly impossible to tell that the porcelain tile is, in fact, not wood, unless they inspect very closely.


Designers use digital manufacturing to precisely create the look of a wooden plank when creating wood grain tile.  The designs are non-repeating and actually use several image designs to avoid repeating and provide an authentic look.  


The reason that people opt for this product over actual wood is its durability and easy upkeep.  The wood grain tile is waterproof, so it can be used in kitchens and bathrooms as well as other areas.  It's also easier to clean, making the tile a preferred option among homeowners.  Porcelain tile also has a long life and is durable, so it does not need to be replaced often.


In addition to the appearance and maintenance attractions to wood grain tile, today's environmentally conscious consumer loves that this product is environmentally-friendly.  No trees were harmed in the making of these floors!


Many companies with design expertise now offer wood tile. There is a large selection of wood grain tile on the market, and consumers can choose any style from barn wood to black wood.  Wood grain tile can update the appearance of your home and make your lifestyle easier.

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