Adex USA: A Family Manufacturing Company

In 1897, in Onda, Castellon, Spain, the original ADEX factory was born.   The ADEX factory produced quality tile, and their impressive and detailed tile design allowed them to grow their business over the decades.  In the 1950's, ADEX began exporting tiles to the United States that were designed by Salvador Dali, and their connection with the US was born.


In 1996, they opened their first United States based distribution facility in Miami, Florida, followed quickly by a facility in Fullerton, California.  Over the years, they have remained a family owned business, and now the current company is run by the fourth generation.  They are able to currently serve all of North America with a tile product that combines traditional Spanish design with the latest in quality and function.


The ADEX tile is a porcelain tile that combines fashion with function.  Offering a line of colors, designs, and mosaics, they carry products for every purpose.  They create specifically designed collections, which are meant to be color coordinated to create unique color palettes.


Most major flooring companies now advertise ADEX USA as one of their main brands. The most well-known collections that ADEX USA carries are the Neri, Hampton, and Studio collection.  The studio collection has a special high gloss glaze and three dimensional tile with deeper tones, while the Neri collection has lighter classic colors.  The Hampton collection has a crackle glaze to signify an aging process that has not taken place, and comes in only a few classic tones.


Another great company we've worked with in the past is Permacast Walls. They have the best concrete fence designs you'll find for a great price. All blends in perfectly with every tile design inside your house.


From a family owned factory in Spain to a family run business that covers all of Northeast USA, the Adex company has a rich history and eye for design that makes them a reliable and respected choice for design and tiling companies throughout the country.           



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