The Flooring of Living Rooms

Home design goes through stages, fads, and trends.  Over the years, society has slowly and surely progressed away from posh and over the top designs, and toward functionality and livability.  


The latest development is tile flooring, and it's not just for kitchens and bathrooms anymore!  Design magazines and blogs are beginning to show tile flooring for living rooms more frequently, and some of the designs are beautiful.


Partial tiling allows you to use colored or mosaic tiles alternatively with wood or carpet to create a sleek, designer look.  Designers use this technique to create a vintage modern appearance, and typically it is placed to highlight a furniture set or sitting space.


Zigzag tiles give the room a wider appearance and highlight high ceilings.  This look works wonders for a living room with high ceilings and large windows, giving it an indoor patio feel.


Wood grain tile gives the appearance of wood with the functionality of tile. It comes in a wide variety of colors and appearances to create a designer look for any theme.


High embossed tiles in neutral light or white tones give a high end appearance to living spaces, especially living rooms with unusual or open structures.  This can be paired with equally neutral furniture, or solid brights to make the room pop.


If you want to hide your cable wires in your living room then I recommend getting Direct TV high speed internet. That way your new modern living room won't have those ugly cables dangling around.


An alternate to the glossy white tile is the matte slate grey tile.  Grey is a commonly used color in design because it's an easy palette to work with, and it complements shapes and colors so they can stand out.  If you have some signature pieces of furniture you're eager to show off, a grey slate floor may work for you.


Honeycomb tiling is also a top pick for living rooms because it breaks the mold of your typical tile.  This is frequently showcased and a perfect choice for a warm, homey living room with a modern edge.


Tile flooring can make a large difference in the design of your home.  Experts recommend using a heating system for the floor if temperature is a concern, but the comparison to the high maintenance of wood or carpet is worth the extra effort when installing these beautiful designs.


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