The Latest Trends in Kitchen Design


The kitchen is the heart of your home, and usually the first room people comment on or notice.  In modern home layouts, the kitchen is shown proudly.  Having a kitchen you can be proud of is important, and if you are keeping up on design or planning a remodel, these latest trends in kitchen design will get your creative juices flowing!


White kitchens are the absolute for most home design followers.  All white appliances, white cabinets, and white tile backsplashes can create a clean and modern look that kitchen designers can't seem to get enough of.  Gray is a close second, and gray cabinets are following the white trend closely as the next up and coming design choice.


Black and white kitchens are a classic but still relevant option, and many are choosing white cabinets with black fixtures and black countertops.


Designer tile flooring is also a trend that is prominent in kitchen design.  White porcelain Italian tiles and wood grain tiles are increasingly popular to use in the kitchen because of their durability and attractive appearance.


Creative storage space is key to the modern kitchen, and many are installing hydraulic cabinets, extra drawers, drawers with deep pockets, or even deep drawer organizers.  Utility and accessibility are the keys here, and the industry is leaning toward function over fashion.


Erring on the side of accessibility, one of the latest trends is the microwave drawer, which is exactly what it sounds like- a built in drawer microwave.  It typically sits below counter level and pulls out so that you can place your food inside.  Then, you just use as a regular microwave.


Trends are ever-changing, but according to top designers, most of these are here to stay.  Knowing the latest trends in kitchen design will help you stay updated and cutting edge in the heart of your home. When you're ready to move and need help make sure to contact Brothers EZ Moving for your local office movers.



Adex USA: A Family Manufacturing Company

In 1897, in Onda, Castellon, Spain, the original ADEX factory was born.   The ADEX factory produced quality tile, and their impressive and detailed tile design allowed them to grow their business over the decades.  In the 1950's, ADEX began exporting tiles to the United States that were designed by Salvador Dali, and their connection with the US was born.


In 1996, they opened their first United States based distribution facility in Miami, Florida, followed quickly by a facility in Fullerton, California.  Over the years, they have remained a family owned business, and now the current company is run by the fourth generation.  They are able to currently serve all of North America with a tile product that combines traditional Spanish design with the latest in quality and function.


The ADEX tile is a porcelain tile that combines fashion with function.  Offering a line of colors, designs, and mosaics, they carry products for every purpose.  They create specifically designed collections, which are meant to be color coordinated to create unique color palettes.


Most major flooring companies now advertise ADEX USA as one of their main brands. The most well-known collections that ADEX USA carries are the Neri, Hampton, and Studio collection.  The studio collection has a special high gloss glaze and three dimensional tile with deeper tones, while the Neri collection has lighter classic colors.  The Hampton collection has a crackle glaze to signify an aging process that has not taken place, and comes in only a few classic tones.


Another great company we've worked with in the past is Permacast Walls. They have the best concrete fence designs you'll find for a great price. All blends in perfectly with every tile design inside your house.


From a family owned factory in Spain to a family run business that covers all of Northeast USA, the Adex company has a rich history and eye for design that makes them a reliable and respected choice for design and tiling companies throughout the country.           




Wood Grain Tile is the Latest Popular Choice for Flooring


For decades, homeowners and designers have strived to come up with a non-wood solution that gives the appearance of wood flooring.  Most of these attempts have been associated with words like “cheap” or “tacky”.  Now, however, we have wood grain tile, and it is changing the industry and increasing in demand.


Wood grain tile has actual grooves, texture, and imprinted knots to mimic real wood flooring.  It comes in multiple finishes and designs to give the appropriate look for any household or business.  Most reviewers find it nearly impossible to tell that the porcelain tile is, in fact, not wood, unless they inspect very closely.


Designers use digital manufacturing to precisely create the look of a wooden plank when creating wood grain tile.  The designs are non-repeating and actually use several image designs to avoid repeating and provide an authentic look.  


The reason that people opt for this product over actual wood is its durability and easy upkeep.  The wood grain tile is waterproof, so it can be used in kitchens and bathrooms as well as other areas.  It's also easier to clean, making the tile a preferred option among homeowners.  Porcelain tile also has a long life and is durable, so it does not need to be replaced often.


In addition to the appearance and maintenance attractions to wood grain tile, today's environmentally conscious consumer loves that this product is environmentally-friendly.  No trees were harmed in the making of these floors!


Many companies with design expertise now offer wood tile. There is a large selection of wood grain tile on the market, and consumers can choose any style from barn wood to black wood.  Wood grain tile can update the appearance of your home and make your lifestyle easier.


The Flooring of Living Rooms

Home design goes through stages, fads, and trends.  Over the years, society has slowly and surely progressed away from posh and over the top designs, and toward functionality and livability.  


The latest development is tile flooring, and it's not just for kitchens and bathrooms anymore!  Design magazines and blogs are beginning to show tile flooring for living rooms more frequently, and some of the designs are beautiful.


Partial tiling allows you to use colored or mosaic tiles alternatively with wood or carpet to create a sleek, designer look.  Designers use this technique to create a vintage modern appearance, and typically it is placed to highlight a furniture set or sitting space.


Zigzag tiles give the room a wider appearance and highlight high ceilings.  This look works wonders for a living room with high ceilings and large windows, giving it an indoor patio feel.


Wood grain tile gives the appearance of wood with the functionality of tile. It comes in a wide variety of colors and appearances to create a designer look for any theme.


High embossed tiles in neutral light or white tones give a high end appearance to living spaces, especially living rooms with unusual or open structures.  This can be paired with equally neutral furniture, or solid brights to make the room pop.


If you want to hide your cable wires in your living room then I recommend getting Direct TV high speed internet. That way your new modern living room won't have those ugly cables dangling around.


An alternate to the glossy white tile is the matte slate grey tile.  Grey is a commonly used color in design because it's an easy palette to work with, and it complements shapes and colors so they can stand out.  If you have some signature pieces of furniture you're eager to show off, a grey slate floor may work for you.


Honeycomb tiling is also a top pick for living rooms because it breaks the mold of your typical tile.  This is frequently showcased and a perfect choice for a warm, homey living room with a modern edge.


Tile flooring can make a large difference in the design of your home.  Experts recommend using a heating system for the floor if temperature is a concern, but the comparison to the high maintenance of wood or carpet is worth the extra effort when installing these beautiful designs.


How to Give your Bathroom an Update Look

Any real estate agent or interior designer will tell you that the look of your bathroom is constantly noticed by visitors.  It’s one of the main rooms people decide to update for a more modern look, and one of the easiest to change the appearance of and bring into the now with the right materials.

Updating your faucet and fixtures is the fastest way to upgrade your bathroom look.  Nothing makes a bathroom look outdated like old fixtures, and a new look can be achieved just by this simple change.

New cabinetry and a new vanity can also make a huge difference.  These items can change the entire appearance of the bathroom, and give the appearance that a major remodel has been achieved.  Painting the walls can also refresh the bathroom, but new cabinetry can sometimes make it look as if you’ve repainted the whole room.
Another item that can make it look like you’ve changed the color scheme even if you’ve got last year’s paint on the walls is a brand new shower curtain or door.  The tub usually takes up a large space in the bathroom, so using it as a design feature can bring new life to an outdated design scheme.
Playing with different light fixtures can give your bathroom a more modern look, and create a focal point that is less traditional.
New flooring can also add new life to your bathroom. There are all kinds of popular trends emerging with porcelain and ceramic tile that can make your bathroom look like you spent a fortune on a remodel.
Updating the bathroom can be an easy and fun project for homeowners.  Little updates and alterations can make a huge difference in appearance, and the finished result is well worth the effort.


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